by Sonic Federation

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They took my freedom, they took my life and my friends They tried to force me to say I was happy again They’re like fake parents to a world of complete fools where everybody has no brain and no soul People are consumers made to make others rich I tried to tell them, but no one would listen to me Now they say I’m dangerous and try to change my brain Their profit is the only thing they want to defend And that’s why they keep me here, away from their precious society
Life in the Village slowly flows away Everyone’s happy but me They never wonder why, they just buy and buy, and buy some more, they just keep buying useless things All primeval instincts are twisted around by those in control If you don’t ask yourself questions, you’re so easy to use... but maybe you want to be used, so you won’t have to think, and the Village is happy in its own artificial way
You don’t own my life You don’t own my thoughts You will never keep me in your golden cage I am smarter, faster than your other guests I know beyond that wall there’s my freedom I’ll just have to climb it and fly... away from here It’s been 24 days since you trapped me here When I climb over that wall you’ll never see me again Your police can’t catch me I’ll run like the wind Just a few more meters I am almost there but the ground is all wet, I slip and fall face down Your police have caught me “You won’t fly... away from here” But I’ll try again... I’ll try again...
Wires... so many wires... crawling into my head, like snakes... Feathers... why do I see feathers? What do they want? They’re trying to drain my will and my strength They’re trying to break me Things... I see things... strange things... I don’t want to see them Stay – out - of – my – mind!! Aaah... this hurts... I’m not going to change my opinions anyway!! Let me go... let me go... let me go... LET ME GOOOOOOO!!! -Are we making any progress? -The subject’s brain is rejecting the treatment. We tried every kind of brainwashing technique, but to no avail. -So what can we do now? -There’s only one thing we can do... -Yes, I know... We’ll have to keep him here in the Village, away from Earth... forever.
END GAME 10:24
Their crazy race for money, and their greed, and thirst for more and more made them fall down, made them fall Their system based on profit couldn’t last and their empire now is no more, no, it’s no more It’s been 19 years now since we got the last message from Earth They’re still falling down into their manmade hell... Their fall, however, meant that on this planet where they sent us now we are free, now we are free... free... We’ve built a whole new system based on love and not on money and now we can change, and we can grow We can evolve into what we could have been since the beginning, free from chains, free from greed... free...


Music by Phrozenlight (Bert Hulshoff), Thought Experiment (Mike Hobson), Mac of BIOnighT
Lyrics by Mac of BIOnighT

This album (and this collaboration) stemmed from an idea by Mike Hobson. Big fan of the magnificent 60's show "The Prisoner," he suggested we create a sort of tribute to it. We later decided to use that only as a starting point, turning the album into a commentary on our modern society, where free thinking is being effectively eliminated not just by the establishment, but by the people themselves who refuse to think and wonder, thus choosing to be "consumers" instead of human beings...



Thought Experiment (Mike Hobson):
Guitars: Electro-acoustic, electric 6-string, lap steel and 4-string electric bass (Dean, Epiphone, Fender, Gretsch, OLP and Westfield)
Virtual amplification & FX: Line 6 PodFarm and Peavey Revalver
Other stuff: Clayton Picks and Everly strings

Phrozenlight (Bert Hulshoff):
Synths: MicroKorg, Doepfer MAQ16/3, Novation KS-rack, Roland M-VS1 (Vintage Synth), Roland SH-201, Yamaha AN1x, Casio XW-P1
FX: Cathedral Stereo reverb (Electro-harmonix), Boss DD-20 Gigadelay, Alesis NanoVerb
...and 10 vintage fingers.

Mac of BIOnighT:
VST emulations of: drums, electric pianos, electric organs, mellotrons
...10 fingers, 1 brain, 1 soul.




released February 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Sonic Federation Earth, Texas

Sonic Federation is Phrozenlight (Bert Hulshoff) from the Netherlands, Thought Experiment (Mike Hobson) from the UK, Mac of BIOnighT from Italy.

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